Join our Customer Referral Program

Earn money when you refer customers to Axis for Business!

For every additional customer you refer you earn £75 and the customer you referred also receives £75.

  • Regular payments
  • Credited to your Axis account.
  • Pay nothing for your telecoms and energy bills!

For example if you refer one customer that switches their electricity and landline to Axis, you receive £150 and your customer also receives £150.

Refer as many customers as you like!

Axis has grown with the support of our customers. We want to return the favour to those who help us out. We will give you and each customer you refer £75 each for each service your customer referral signs up to.

Get a quote from us and get started today.

Here's Why:

  • Earn between £75 - £500 per customer
  • FREE to join and no payments ever required
  • Payments credited against your Axis utility bills.
  • Make unlimited referrals.
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or call us now on 0800 2 889 430

Get a Quote or call us now on 0800 2 889 430